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"Communication and Leadership Go Hand-in-Hand" - Mike Acker

Josh, Audacity's staff writer, interviewed the founder, Mike Acker:

“I never planned on being a speaker. Because of an early speech impediment, my childhood dream was to be an archeologist or maybe a garbage collector. But my mom and dad, coaches, teachers, and other influential people helped me see the potential I couldn’t. By the time I was twenty, I had spoken to groups of several hundred students, and by twenty-five, I motivated audiences worldwide. Within the ten years, I had spoken to groups of well over 10,000.


As I shifted into executive and communication coaching, I took a break from the stage and wrote my first book, Speak With No Fear. During that time, I realized my ever-evolving mission: to help people realize their full potential.  


My first book became the best-rated book in the world on “overcoming fear of speaking,” leading to more coaching opportunities, and I found myself back on the stage – keynote events, workshops, virtual conferences, and more. Enter the pandemic... I pivoted to speaking from my professional home studio.


Being a professional speaker with the mission of helping people realize their full potential, I started asking two new questions:


  • How can I help more people and new industries—even audiences that didn’t need my specific messages?

  • And how can I help other speakers get their message out?


Ultimately, these two questions answered each other and, with the prodding of my team, we shifted from promoting just my platform to inviting other top communicators to join me. I’ve been overwhelmed by the response and the caliber of people we get to represent. As a natural networker, my job is to connect with event planners, understand and discover what they need, then match them with a great speaker who will genuinely wow their event!

Jonnette Del Mundo

Speaker Strategist

Responsible for expanding our network of event organizers and corporate hosts, Jonnette builds and maintains relationships and solves problems. She has more than seven years of experience in communication and creating corporate connections.

Josh Kelley

Staff Writer

A traditionally published author, wordsmith, and freelance writer, Josh’s job at Audacity is to keep things interesting. He regularly assists our speakers with crafting their talks for greatest clarity and engagement.

Taylor Acker


From executive assistant to bookkeeper to legendary mom, Taylor makes management and paperwork look simple. She oversees contracts, event details, schedules, and all the details that make our partnerships flawless.

Mike Acker

Founder & Networker-in-Chief

As a communication expert, finding the best in speaking talent is what Mike does best. Coupled with the personal mission of helping people realize their full potential, Mike is always on the lookout for incredible connections that bring out the best in everyone. 


Want to hear more? Connect with Mike for a 'virtual coffee' at

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