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Managing An Event For Ten People Versus 100!

You will notice a considerable change when planning a small and a big event. You should be aware that it will make the entire planning process change. You can arrange with a breeze when you have a small event, but when planning for more bigger events, you should know that it comes at a very different price.

The most important thing about planning a small event and then a bigger event is that you don't have as much hassle with details. Small events are often casually planned because they are usually your friends, and they sympathize with you. However, it's a big deal about everything when you have guests who hardly know you. You should know that there is quite a list of things you need to do to have a fabulous event. However, you tend to overlook the more minor details when you only care for ten people. When managing a smaller event, you can make quick decisions, but your options are limited when you have to throw an event for 100.

That's the next point; your options are limited to bigger events. You can't just decide one day that you would like to have duck and then the next have ham. If you are getting it catered, the supplier will tell you that your requests can not be dealt with in such a short time. However, they can easily find the foods you wish to have for a small group of ten. Also, with the food comes to the drinks, which can be quite an expense. You should know that an open bar can be expensive, even for ten, but it can be even more costly when asking for a cash bar. So the solution to your problem in both cases is to limit your drinks. With a small event, you can have two or three different kinds, but with a larger event, you may have to offer more. Depending on your guests, the event, and the budget, the drinks could be less than expected for any event.

Once you have gotten over the food and drinks, you must think about the seating. Not only do you have to plan to sit ten people, but ten times that. However, when it comes to seating, the more significant events have the upper hand. You can place your guests with either people they like or don't know but can easily avoid those who despise each other.

The budget is tightly affected by the size of the event. The smaller the event, the smaller the budget, but you can spend and pay close attention to details with a more minor event. You will find that a small event can be one hell of an event, but with larger events, you tend to skip out on great ideas simply because they didn't fit into the budget. Regarding budget, the smaller parties are in the lead, but there are so many discounts you can get in bulk that the two options are almost tied.

Many more factors in planning an event are affected by the size of the event. Usually, smaller has a lot of benefits to the guests and the planner, but there are times when you just need to have a grand celebration and be prepared to sink in the time to plan the event as well.

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