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Audacity Keynote Speaker Bart Berkey


Most People Don't ... But YOU DO!

Proven strategies for identifying and accomplishing your priorities.


  • ​Actualize your goals by doing what "Most People Don't."

  • Learn how to enhance behaviors and enable yourself

  • Methods to remember to "do" and take action

It is easy to BE,
but better to BECOME.
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As a former recruiter for the famed Ritz-Carlton, known for setting the Gold Standard of customer service, Bart Berkey personally interviewed hundreds and hundreds of the best and brightest. But he observed that very few of them did what “everyone knows” a good candidate should do. 

Bart’s philosophy, and the cornerstone of his book Most People Don’t, is that those few who are willing to do what others only talk about will succeed in their personal and professional life. Drawing from over thirty years of experience, he is an expert on excellence and standing out from the pack. A motivational storyteller, he engages hearts and minds through real-life stories that invite attendees to assimilate his “doing mantra” into their own experiences. 

Not only do his keynote speeches drive real change, but he is a living example of doing more for his audiences. As one said, “Bart really took the time to get to know us in advance of our program and clearly customized his message to meet our goals.” Past clients include Liberty Mutual Insurance, Citibank, and Virginia Tech. 

Bart was raised in Pittsburgh, graduated from Penn State University, and lives in Virginia with his wife and children. Recognized as one of the “Top 25 Most Extraordinary Minds in Sales and Marketing,” Bart has also held numerous global executive roles in the hospitality industry before devoting himself to teaching others how to achieve excellence. 

Past audiences include:

  • Liberty Mutual Insurance

  • Citibank

  • Virginia Tech

  • PennState

  • Financial & Insurance Conference Professionals

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