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Audacity Keynote Speaker Rosalie Fisher


​Being Heard

Building Peace in a Dehumanizing World

To be ignored is to be dehumanized, leading to destructive outcomes such as addiction, depression, abuse, and even mass shootings. Dr. Rosalie teaches how to build peace through groundbreaking tools that simply allow us to hear better.


  • Learn to recognize and address the harmful effects of being ignored, including addiction, depression, abuse, and violence.

  • Implement Dr. Rosalie's groundbreaking tools to improve your listening skills and build peace in a dehumanizing world.

  • Practice active listening by being fully present, asking questions, and clarifying understanding.

  • Develop the willingness to be vulnerable and open to new perspectives in your conversations with others.

  • Actively work to build empathetic connections with others to create a more compassionate and peaceful world.

In the aftermath of 9/11, Dr. Rosalie Fisher watched as the short-lived national unity quickly disintegrated into greater division and hostility. Twenty years later, the dehumanizing effect of social media has only increased hostility towards those of a different ethnic, political, religious, or socioeconomic group. Our nation suffers from a desperate need for civility, and that is what drives Rosalie’s work and research. Her passion is bringing humanity back to communication.

Rosalie holds a Ph.D. in communication and is a professor at Arizona State University. But, with a background in film and the performing arts, she is no stuffy academic. Instead, she believes that art, visual tools, and storytelling techniques are gateways to fostering understanding, facilitating meaningful engagement, and seeing each other as humans again.

As one of eight daughters (her dad happily says he wouldn’t know how to relate to sons anyhow!), Rosalie has a unique insight into all the different experiences, obstacles, and struggles women face in today’s society. And, as an academic, her research in gender, communication, and identity has shown her that there is still more work to be done. This realization led her to develop Seven Sisters Consulting & Coaching, with the mission of providing a supportive network like having one’s own large family of sisters! 

In addition to her work in communication, Rosalie loves painting and has participated in local art exhibitions. She is also passionate about protecting the environment, particularly the oceans, and recently participated in a performance advocating for sea turtles protection.

Rosalie has worked for the National Conflict Resolution Center, Museum of Tolerance, and the Institute for Nonviolence. As a professor, she speaks extensively to students and educators.


Other past speaking engagements include International Visual Sociology Association (in Greece), and the Image Research Network (in Italy).

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