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Audacity Speaker Sriram Emani

A TEDx speaker (When Classical Goes Viral), successful entrepreneur, admissions consultant for the Ivy League, and a management consultant to Fortune 500 companies, Sriram Emani has spent over ten years honing and refining stories of corporate executives, family business heirs, entrepreneurs, and artists from over 30 countries to help them connect with iconic brands like Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Disney, Lincoln Center, Sony Music, and more.

Sriram’s approach to storytelling through performing arts breaks traditional barriers to unlock the creative potential in any team setting and provides an inclusive and collaborative environment for solving problems. He focuses on uncovering the influences and experiences that make each individual unique and creating a powerful advantage for the entire team.


Born and educated in Mumbai, India, Sriram holds an MBA from MIT.


After graduating, he traveled North America, staying with a different family in a different city every week for a full year. Together, this has given him an unparalleled understanding of eastern and western cultures. He now lives in Boston, Massachusetts where he is the founder and CEO of IndianRaga, the largest Indian arts platform in the world.


  • “Quirky: How Unique Individuals Make for the Best Teams” – Helping leaders leverage the outliers that give their teams a powerful advantage.

  • “The Value of Being Imprecise” – Drawing from his experience in the arts and the wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita, Sriram shows how marrying the imprecision of art and the precision of STEM can create powerful new opportunities.

  • “When West Learns from East” – Lessons from the ‘hustle’ of fast-growing, emerging economies that are redefining rules of business and entrepreneurship

  • “The Studio and the Boardroom” –     Why the arts and business must work together to thrive. (This talk can be structured either for business or arts organizations.)

  • “Storytelling for Inspiring Leadership” – Hero, conflict, resolution. These core elements of a story are found in every work project, so ditch sleep-inducing bullet points and create stories that will inspire!

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